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Amazing Louisville Wedding Photography!

Are you getting married in the Louisville, KY metro area and looking for a wedding photographer?  Well, look no more!  A.J. Photography, based in Louisville, KY, will create amazing and beautiful images to document your day.  We will work with you and your family to make certain you get epic images that tell the story of you.

Jim, the photographer, will work directly with you throughout your planning process.  Why?  Because the person you share all your creative ideas with should be the same one who documents your day.  He has shot weddings both locally and internationally for 10 years, and his experience and passion combine to create unique and beautiful images that tell the story of your day from start to finish.

Make no mistake.  If you talk to your friends who have been married, almost all of them will tell you they wish they had spent more on their wedding photographer.  Why?  Because when it’s all said and done, your wedding photography is the only thing you have left to remember your day.

View our wedding photography portfolio here.